Poorest Good Doctor – Singapore Newspaper SHIN MIN Daily

Poorest Good Doctor – Singapore Newspaper SHIN MIN Daily

News on 2018-11-15 Thursday

He is regarded as the doctor from Singapore with the best heart !
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Chairman says’

One of the biggest inspirations for me when developing the LifeHealth Group, and especially LifeHub, over the past year, was my Uncle, Dr Victor Seah. Uncle Victor was one of the earliest and most knowledgeable medical doctors in Asia who practiced Integrative, or Functional Medicine. More importantly, he was perhaps one of the kindest and most generous doctors in Singapore. This was attested to by the front page article the Singapore Chinese-language newspapers published the day after his death late last year, calling him the “The Poorest Good Doctor” – a title he was posthumously awarded for all the free services he provided to patients in his community in Singapore.
Uncle Victor believed in two things: the value of Integrative (or Functional) Medicine, as opposed to standard, plain vanilla Conventional Medicine on its own, and also, that good (Integrative) medical care should not only be the purview of the rich. This latter belief of Uncle Victor’s is still very much valid today, when many of the most wealthy people in Asia travel routinely to clinics and medical spas in Europe, as much of the treatments they go for are not easily available in Asia.
I was fortunate that Uncle Victor helped me during the earliest days of our genesis, to chart our course, to connect us to the many experts in region, and to keep our hearts true to our Purposes: “To Achieve Optimal Health for All”, both by “Providing premium and effective integrative medical services” (LifeClinic) and by “Enabling as many as possible to achieve optimal health affordably” (LifeHub).
The following is a tribute written by another of my uncles, Peter Seah Lim Huat, an older brother to Uncle Victor, as a testament to his life, which I am delighted to be able to share here.

Dr Jonathan Seah
Chairman, LifeHealth Group