IV Therapies


What is it?

It’s a combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can be put together in several different ways which are then injected into a vein.

Why does it work better than simple supplements from the shop?

It can be a 20-minute push or a longer infusion depending on the purpose. Intravenous vitamins and minerals are introduced into the body by a vein and avoid the “first pass” of the liver. When you swallow a pill, it goes through the digestive system and the liver which acts as a filter to remove some of what that pill contained. This is a normal process and whatever is left gets into the system and delivered to our cells to allow our bodies to function. Nutritional IV avoids the “first pass,” and you get 100% of that solution. Just imagine how you would feel if you got the full effect of the multivitamin you’re taking.

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