Hyperthermia treatment is a medical treatment that involves heating up the body’s tissues to help treat various diseases or conditions. In Europe, the United States, Taiwan and other places, hyperthermia is increasingly popular and widely used in clinical treatment of various tumors. LifeClinic offers two high-end whole body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia services imported directly from Germany. They provide safe, non-invasive treatment options that support the body’s natural healing abilities with almost no side effects.

In addition to improving the metabolism and the microcirculation system in the body, our body temperature regulation is very important to activate the immune response. When the body is infected with bacteria or viruses, it will naturally raise its core temperature to stimulate and activate the immune system to deal with the invading pathogen.


Whole Body Hyperthermia 

The whole body hyperthermia machine is equipped with the most advanced technology and uses water filtering infrared (wlRA) technology to provide a high infiltration capacity to allow heat energy to reach deep tissues without harming the skin’s surface. With this therapy, body temperature can be gently and effectively raised to a high temperature (approximately 38.5-40°C). Effects of this include stimulating the body’s immune function, strengthening cell repair ability, boosting immune cell response, assisting chemotherapy and electrotherapy for better results, and even helping relieve symptoms caused by chemotherapy and electrotherapy. For those recovering from cancer, it can strengthen the immune system to help reduce the chance of cancer recurrence.


Local Hyperthermia 

Local hyperthermia works to raise the temperature of the specific tumor area instead of the whole body, through two non-invasive electrodes. The non-radiative electromagnetic waves generated by the electrodes will cause the water molecules in the body to vibrate and heat up the tissues within the area to a temperature higher than 40°C, without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.

Through the heat generated by the local hyperthermia machine, it can effectively accelerate the blood circulation and oxygenation of tumors, resulting in wider distribution of chemotherapeutic drugs and easier absorption by tumor cells. As heat causes the tumor tissue to be more sensitive, it can help with the effect of radiation on the tumor cells. Moreover, when tumor cells are exposed to heat, the immune system is encouraged to target those cells for a therapeutic effect.

Suitable for:

  • Cancer patients
  • Cancer survivors
  • Patients with chronic diseases and immune system diseases
  • Patients with inflammation and pain

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