In active treatment, patients can really suffer from the side effects that occur with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We educate patients and their families with specific evidence-based, trustworthy information on testing and natural treatment options. Every patient receives an individualized integrative treatment plan according to the nature of their cancer, their current health status, and the conventional treatments they are undergoing. Integrating natural and conventional approaches has been known to accentuate the effects of conventional therapies on cancer cells. By combining various natural therapies we see a less toxic effect on patients’ recovery while monitoring closely with laboratory tests and consultations with the Doctor in charge. This means we can adapt the program of treatment accordingly, and optimize the cancer treatment program overall.

Our treatment program relies heavily on the integration of cancer treatments, both conventionally and complimentary. It takes out the guess work and the endless searches on google of “what else I can do to beat this cancer?” Our team is a collective of specialists within their field in the treatment of cancer and together with the latest research and alternative therapies, we can help you treat this ailment.

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