Cancer Prevention

As cancer is much easier to prevent than to treat, preventing cancer is an important strategy for all patients.

Preventing cancer requires an understanding of the true causes of the disease. Using the functional medicine approach to this, we identify key areas of focus. Firstly the lifestyle needs to be optimized with the diet, exercise and sleep patterns in a correct balance. Patients need to eat foods which are nutrient dense, low carbohydrates, and prepared well from fresh sources, including fermented sources. Exercise patterns need to be regular and stressful enough to stimulate cardio-vascular and muscular benefits. Sleep needs to be regular and consistent.

Beyond lifestyle we stress that the gut needs to be kept in optimal function, so reviewing and understanding any symptoms of gut dysfunction is advised. Environmental toxins from pollutants and heavy metals are key disruptors to cellular function, and knowing if you are toxic or are compromised in your detoxification ability is important to clarify what action to take.  Lastly, we can tap into the genetic markers associated with cancer and prescreening with these tests can structure our programs together to help with prevention. Our preventive program educates and brings awareness to our patients, along with a personalised understanding and interpretation of what their baseline risk is.

Our Program :

  • Baseline Foundation
  • Family Medical History Assessment
  • Genetic Assessment Tests

Suitable for :

  • General public who wish to undergo cancer prevention strategies
  • General public who may be at elevated risk due to poor lifestyle
  • Individuals with a family history of cancer
  • Individuals aged 45-75
  • Individuals with elevated biomarkers for cancer

We address your overall risk by assessing your lifestyle, family history, laboratory reports and genetic profile. From this we can tailor a specific prevention strategy which is right for you.

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