Breast Cancer Therapy: LifeClinic’s Support

At LifeClinic we take a personalized approach to cancer treatment and support. This involves not only treating the type of cancer, but also treating the person who has the disease.

Our approach to work in an integrative manner with conventional treatments helps ensure not only optimal effectiveness of conventional treatments but also minimized side effects.

These are some of the ways we customize treatments for cancer patients to ensure that they are getting the best outcomes on their cancer recovery journey.

  • Growth Factors for Cancer

With any treatment of cancer we need to focus on reducing the stimulating growth factors of the cancer. With breast cancer, those growth factors are predominantly hormonal and toxicity related.When breast cancer patients are screened by oncologists, they determine if their cancer cells are hormonally sensitive or not. We use this information to customize both our lifestyle and supplemental treatments.

  • Detoxifying Estrogen From the Body

If a patient has an estrogen-sensitive cancer we would recommend upregulating all pathways which metabolize estrogen out of the body. There are 3 key pathways for estrogen detoxification: glucuronidation, methylation, and sulphation. From a lifestyle perspective, we would encourage greater consumption of cruciferous vegetables, allium vegetables (onions, garlic) and greens. Sometimes depending on the genetic markers of detoxification, we would encourage even more support for these pathways.Supporting estrogen detoxification also means optimizing detoxification pathways through the gut and ensuring there are no recirculating toxins occurring through the colon. We test for this by conducting a comprehensive stool analysis.

  • Exposure to Xeno-estrogens as a Risk Factor

There are estrogens that are ingested from the environment coming from various cosmetics, petroleum-based compounds, pesticides, and plastic compounds. Our exposures are ubiquitous and they slowly build up in our tissues creating estrogenic-like effects on our cells stimulating unwanted growth and development. We can test for these xeno-estrogens by doing a urine test which determines how intensive the detox program should be for each and every patient. Everyone is different with different levels of metabolisms.

  • Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is very common in Asia. Many people are unaware they have insulin resistance, which is determined by evaluating your fasting insulin status. This condition is also called pre-diabetes, as it’s a condition that develops into diabetes if left unchecked. Insulin, if elevated to abnormal levels, contributes to inflammation and the shutting down of the immune system. At the same time, the hormone stimulates the rise in estrogen circulating around the body, further increasing the risk of breast cancer development. So it’s critical to understand your insulin status and determine the correct lifestyle methods to bring it down so that we’re not stimulating the growth of cancers.




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Building Your Personalized Treatment Plan

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Continued Support and Review

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Miles Price

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist
M.Sc. Holistic Nutrition, Dip. Functional Med (BANT, UK)

Miles has practiced functional medicine and clinical nutritional therapy at life clinic for a number of years and he completed additional training under the tutelage of Dr. Pamela McDougle, in the USA in the application of using a functional medicine approach to cancer, and using the Kelley protocol in helping patients beat their disease. This protocol combines elements of optimizing the diet, and detoxification pathways, whilst at the same time personalizing the immune system optimization and supplementation based upon the individual needs. The use of Enzyme therapy, rife therapy and Ozone therapy optimize the immune response against the cancer in a non-toxic manner.

Miles’s Qualifications;
M.Sc. clinical Nutrition 2011; Functional medicine diploma Dip FM, functional medicine university 2013.
FM program completed 2021 Institute of Functional medicine.

We treat cancer of every type and every stage. No case is completely beyond help, although, the earlier patients seek help the more can be done. We work with patients to develop a personalised treatment plan to help them achieve the best outcome possible. For those going through conventional cancer treatments, we support them through their chemotherapy or radiotherapy and, whenever possible, work closely with their oncologist.

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