Alternative Cancer Therapy 

Cancer is still a disease which oncologists using conventional treatments have many struggles with cancers that become resistant or the patient becomes even sicker with on-going chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Here at Life clinic, we use functional medicine to look at closely the environment the cancer is growing in, and ask why is cancer starting? What are the triggers?

The clues are all there, we investigate toxins, dietary intake, gut health, hormonal imbalances, nutrient sufficiency, and latent infections, all of which have a big impact on the long term prognosis of a cancer patient. We personalize the treatments based upon appropriate tests that identify the triggers, and we re-build the body to be stronger, more resilient, more responsive to cancer cells. We ensure all aspects of the lifestyle, supplementation, in-house monitoring treatments are safe and effective so that patients are reassured about the process using the functional medicine approach. We aim to give the best quality of life in treating cancer, whilst at the same time rebuilding the body to be stronger.

This is our goal.




Getting to Understand You



Specialized Genetic & Functional Medicine Testing



Building Your Personalized Treatment Plan

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Continued Support and Review

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Miles Price

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist
M.Sc. Holistic Nutrition, Dip. Functional Med (BANT, UK)

Miles has practiced functional medicine and clinical nutritional therapy at life clinic for a number of years and he completed additional training under the tutelage of Dr. Pamela McDougle, in the USA in the application of using a functional medicine approach to cancer, and using the Kelley protocol in helping patients beat their disease. This protocol combines elements of optimizing the diet, and detoxification pathways, whilst at the same time personalizing the immune system optimization and supplementation based upon the individual needs. The use of Enzyme therapy, rife therapy and Ozone therapy optimize the immune response against the cancer in a non-toxic manner.

Miles’s Qualifications;
M.Sc. clinical Nutrition 2011; Functional medicine diploma Dip FM, functional medicine university 2013.
FM program completed 2021 Institute of Functional medicine.

We treat cancer of every type and every stage. No case is completely beyond help, although, the earlier patients seek help the more can be done. We work with patients to develop a personalised treatment plan to help them achieve the best outcome possible. For those going through conventional cancer treatments, we support them through their chemotherapy or radiotherapy and, whenever possible, work closely with their oncologist.

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