Most people are petrified of getting cancer. Not only because it often come with a poor prognosis, but also because of the suffering and side-effects that many associate with treatment.

At LifeClinic Cancer Care, we focus on both maximal survival and retaining a quality of life.

We treat our patients like we would our own family, and guide, advise and support them through their personal journey. Everyone is different, and what works for one person, may not work for another. We retain the flexibility and scientific knowledge to help patients, and their loved ones, make the best informed choices for their specific case.

The family plays a vital role in this, and we always encourage them to support their choices, and to support them unconditionally. It is a tough journey for them, and the patients who do best are those who’s loved ones are there with them through thick and thin. They retain a sense of control over their own destiny, and have the love and support of those close to them to keep them going.


At LifeClinic Cancer Care, we believe that there is no single treatment, drug, herb or supplement that can cure all Cancer. Just like in boxing, we might hope for a “one punch” knock-out, but most victories are not won like that. Most fights are won on “points”, or by the accumulation of consistently and reliably “doing the right things”. It is better to do a little of a lot, than a lot of any one thing.


We believe there are 7 vital actions that every Cancer sufferer must master. People who have successfully beaten Cancer often take these 7 consistent and regular actions. We call these the “7 pillars to Beating Cancer”.
All Cancer sufferers should incorporate these in to their recovery plan.

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